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Welcome to My Web Site

On these pages you will find Curious Goods, Informative Articles, Psychic consultations, and other Odd Things, Both Free and Pay to View, and Last But Not Least, "Strange Science" and How to Make It Work For You!! Our content also includes simple spells and prayer keys, explanations of the 4th dimension, life after death, reincarnation and Suggested Reading for further enlightenment.

Our Premier Members area is free, just enter your email address and “poof” you're there. Read  the Yearly Zodiac forecasts for All 12 Sun Signs here.  Additionally, we post  New Moon and Full Moon forecasts and provide an easy link to our you tube page .

On the "Strange Science" page events surrounding the Higgs Bosun particle and The Large Hadron Collider are monitored. We offer Mystic explanations of Psychic Phenomena, ghosts, poltergeists, zombies, Angels and the concept of Heaven and Hell in Christian Religious doctrine. Relevant comparisons from other cultures, American Indian, Judaism and Oriental lore are also addressed along with a link to our "You Tube" page so you can view our monthly Astrology Forecast at your leisure.  Our suggested reading is available on all  pages for your benefit and convenience, justn click the button to order.

On offer on our "Psychics * Tarot * Astrology" page are affordable Psychic readings and Zodiac charts, all Personalized, not computer generated, delivered by email, or enjoy a telephone consultation by appointment, just send an email.  We provide  "Amazingly Accurate" insights and guidance on issues concerning Love*Money*Career*and just about any thing else that you want or need to know.  

Our Mystics and Psychics are truly gifted and have extensive experience in the following fields;

Fortune telling with Tarot Cards, Runes of the Elder Futhark and Divination with Dice.

  1. Fortune telling with Tarot Cards, Runes of the Elder Futhark and Divination with Dice.
  2. Astrology, Astrological Charts and Predictions, Natal birth charts, Zodiac Sun Sign Analysis and more.
  3. Numerology and In depth Numerological Charts. (We Do The Math).
  4. All of us are Clairvoyant, We see and feel  events through intuitive process and we are Clairaudient and "hear" what is and what will happen through our communications with our Spirit Guides.
  5. “Traditional Astrology” for those really tricky situations like should I move, where is the lost object? And so on.

Consult with  the Mystic of your choice for an amazing glimpse into the future using any of these methods of  prognostication. Our  Gifted Mystics are uncannily accurate. So if you need clarification on Love, Money, Career or Relationships,  “We Are Here For You With Answers To Your Questions.” On our “Psychic/Tarot/Astrology” page, register, and order your “personal reading from the Mystic of your Choice.
Direct links to purchase "Wilfred Brandon" and "Edith Ellis" publications, "Open The Door"  * “Incarnation” * “We Knew These Men” * “Love in the Afterlife” make purchasing this required reading a breeze, just click on the "suggested reading " link at any time or on any page.

Our monthly You Tube videos are available in the members section and are free. It is simple to join, just click the "Join Now" link on any page and enter your email address we look forward to having you as a valued member.


Use of this website is absolutely Free. The basic site includes a lot of valuable information and offers. Have you received a benefit from this website? If the answer is Yes then You should consider joining our members area. It is absolutely free to join, (For Now,) and if you are an Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius or Pisces  Exciting news awaits.

We accept Donations, V/MC AMEX  exclusively through Pay Pal.

Feel free to submit your comments and articles.  At Melanie Panchula.com “We Are Here For You With Answers To Your Questions” and We Welcome Your Feedback!!!

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